Welcome to the Psychological help to adepts of non traditional religionsEdit

Professional psychologists help adepts of nontraditional religions on their conditions (not attempting to change their faith).

This wiki is intended to restore lost connection between some adepts of non traditional religions (so called "sectarians") and the World.

This site calls professional psychologists to create their pages where people can apply for a help and advice.

Requirements to psychologistsEdit

By putting your CV at this site, you are legally bound to follow the following rules:

  • You do not attempt to change customer's religion. (However you can put a link in you CV about your religion and refer your customer to it.)
  • You do not act as a master or manipulator over customer's mind. Instead you help the customer to attain the purposes which the customer himself has set.
  • You must explicitly describe your academic degree in psychology, psychoanalysis, or psychotherapy or lack thereof.

You can request a price for your consultation, but we ask you to volunteer.

Why this site was created Edit

In different countries and regions there are cliches of so called sectarians, cultists, or nontraditional religion.

The adepts of them are people and sometimes may need psychological help.

But in reality this does not happen, because we know that if we turn to world psychologists he will do nothing except of trying to dissuade us from our religions, what may be meaningless. Knowing this in advance we just never ask for psychological help.

Sometimes we fall into circular dependencies: If we are asked who supports us we may answer "nobody", and nobody wants to support these who are supported by nobody. Just a word of encouragement from somebody (for example of a psychologists) may be tremendously useful.

Also psychologists can work as mediators between a religious person and his family members or his other acquaintances.

Other kinds of help Edit

People need not only psychological help.

I will tell one anecdotal case.

Once there was an exam in the university where I studied. But I had no money to buy a paper sheet for the exam.

I came to the dean and said him: Please fire me from the university because I have no money to buy the paper to write answers to exam questions. The dean gave me a pile of paper. If he didn't give it me, I would fail the exam.

The psychologists at this site should be helpful in solving silly problems like this one. They should serve as mediators creating connections between adepts of nontraditional religions and the society (and economy).

Organizational matters Edit

We want to register 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and get Google Grant.

We need to decide whether we will continue with server or create our own server and transfer our files to it. We probably should get a top-level domain. It seems Wikia cannot be used together with Google Grants, because Google requires no AdSense ads at a grant site. Another problem with Wikia with Google Grants is that for language-specific (e.g. Russian) sites we need a separate domain what is deprecated by Google's rules.

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